Lise Lacaille owns the flame that makes every artist vibrate.

For more than 25 years, she has entertained us with huge characters that come alive pushed to the limits of the possible.

It goes without saying that speaking of the artist without mentioning the ¨Lady in Red¨ would be an understatement. The lady in red has become her signature. The color emerged, imposed itself, and challenged the artist to bring her fame.

Her unique style definitely sets her apart from other artists.


However, her artistic journey leads her to realize that her quest for movement and clarity can only evolve by radically changing her style; difficult decision to accept……but suddenly everything materializes

Lise Lacaille does not disown her playful characters; they are an integral part of her personality. Her vivacity of expression of movement and color inspired her to create new paintings in a more contemporary style, with fresh accents and sound color.

Art lovers look for authenticity, and that is exactly what you can count on from Lise Lacaille: uncompromised art in constant evolution.

However, both styles share a common denominator, to move and to please us.